Alison Fricker - Osteopath

"Jason has excellent knowledge and experience in rehabilitation that has enabled me to get the fittest and strongest I can be. This has helped so much with my job and the other exercise I do. I recommend him to everyone"

Angela Turrell

"Jason has managed single handedly to turn me into a person who really enjoys exercise! He really knows his stuff and makes workouts fun and challenging. I need a new belt to keep by jeans up now!"

Jackie Chilard

"When my son graduated with a masters degree in astrophysics, my photo was taken with him. It was so horrendous that it languished in a box for years. I found it yesterday, I'm unrecognisable now (oh thank god for that, and Jason, or maybe they are the same deity...). I feel like the real me now, just 70lbs lighter."

Matt Dowling

"Jason has made an immense improvement to my personal fitness; where previously I had a poor fitness level, now only 4 months later I have improved my fitness levels astronomically. Jason is also extremely vigilant on the clients technique, so no matter how unfit you think you are, you can be sure that you will receive safe, patient, professional guidance and management. Jason is also qualified in Bio Mechanics, so you are getting added value for your money when it comes to ensuring the safe and most effective development of your body."